Cavs Off Season

It’s going to be interesting seeing what the Cavs do this summer to try keep up with the Warriors (and also keep Lebron around). Their payroll is already too high to sign any big name free agents so realistically they’d have to make a trade. Trading Love to Indiana for Paul George sounds possible. And seems beneficial for both teams.

While Love was very good in the finals he still struggled a bit defensively both against Durant and in the pick and roll vs Curry. George is a great defender and could compete with both. Being able to put George on Durant would take some of the defensive load off Lebron. It would also probably create a bigger defensive load for Draymond, who currently thrives being able to roam a bit and help off Thompson, but would end up matched up with Lebron more. George shoots a similar percentage from 3 and can create a lot of offence too.

If you’re the Pacers, George has already made it clear he’s not happy there and will probably leave after next year anyway when his contract ends. Even if they could re-sign him they’d have to pay more than Love is making. So trading him this summer means you’re at least getting something good in return and Love is under contract until 2020. I also like Love’s fit with Myles Turner.
Cleveland would be the winners here in terms of talent but the Pacers would avoid having to rebuild and know that they had a great player under contract.


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